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YVES BOSSUT                Spiritualized Art I

Art Spiritualisé I

from 1982

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© All texts and pictures in Yves Bossut World Wide Web site copyright to YVES BOSSUT. Any commercial use or publication is strictly prohibited without written authorization from Y. Bossut. Neither the text nor the images published herein are for use in the public domain. Reproduction, redistribution, or exploitation for personal or corporate gain is strictly prohibited.
(all texts in French by Yves Bossut ; English translation by TTI).

L'aube délivrant le jour
Dawn freeing the day
A/C 114x195 cm ©

Je bois l'eau de mon rêve
I drink the water of my dream
O/C 100x120 cm ©

La tireuse de cartes
The fortune teller 
A/C 100x120 cm ©

La peau du jour
The skin of the day
A/C 100x120 cm ©

La source
The source
A/C 100x120 ©

Portrait d'Anne Feron
Portrait of Anne Feron
A/C 162x130 cm ©

La femme aux lévriers 
Woman with greyhounds
A/C 100x120 cm ©

Je pense aux jours anciens   
I remember the old days   
A/C 100x120 cm ©

Hommage à  Paul Delvaux
Homage to Paul Delvaux
MT 100x120 cm ©