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BOSSUT's definition of Art:

"Art is an attempt to infuse into matter the most complete, the most elevated, the most beautiful spirituality accounting for a nobility of the mind and the hand."

Personal exhibits:

    1970 - Pêle - Mêle Gallery - Brussels.

    1970 - Chez Christian Bussy - Art Critic (R.T.B.F.), Brussels.

    1970 - Gallery “EstroArmonico” - Brussels.

    1971 - Pêle - Mêle Gallery - Brussels.

    1971 - Conférence et Exposition - Rotary Club - Vilvorde.

    1972 - Aquarius Gallery - Brussels.

    1973 - Aquarius Gallery - Brussels.

    1974 - Aquarius Gallery - Brussels.

    1976 - La Marée Gallery - Brussels.

    1978 - L'Angle Aigu Gallery - Brussels.

    1979 - La Galerie Gallery - Charleroi.

    1980 - Museum van de Westhoek - West Vlaanderen.

    1982 - Écuries de la Maison Haute - Boitsfort, Brussels.

    1983 – « EstroArmonico » Gallery - Antwerpen.

    1983 - Museum van de Westhoek - West Vlaanderen.

    1983 - Écuries de la Maison Haute - Boitsfort, Brussels.

    1985 - Écuries de la Maison Haute - Boitsfort, Brussels.

    1987 - Abbaye de Forest - Brussels. 1987 - Foyer Culturel de Dison.

    1988 - Gallery Guillaume Apollinaire - Hôtel de Ville de Stavelot.

    1989 - Europa Gallery, Brussels

Group exhibits: (all in Belgium)

1970 - Sala d'Arte - Palafrugell, Spain.

1978 - Florence Gallery: Belgian Surrealist Group, Brussels.

1978 - Mus?e Horta: The Architects Painters, Brussels.

1982 - Le Salon d'Art: Belgian Surrealist Group, Brussels.

1983 - Crea Price - Koksijde.

1983 - Hauts Lieux Artistiques - Kunstcollectie, Vanneuvillehuis, Koksijde.

1983 – « Art Moderne 83 » - Museum van de Westhoek, Ouest Flandre.

1983 - Watermael - Boitsfort Inspiration - Maison Haute, Boitsfort, Brussels.

1984 - Cent Soixante Artistes pour la Paix - Centre Culturel J. Franck, Brussels et Cultureel Centrum, Hasseit.

1987 - Art et Architectes - La Cambre, Brussels.

1988 - Foyer Culturel - Dison.

1988 - Irish Institute - Leuven.

1996 - Musées Royaux, Brussels "Irêne, Scut, Magritte and Co." For the occasion 16 works of Yves Bossut enter in the collections " Belgian Surrealism " of the Royal Museum


Some critiques from previous exhibits

     "His paintings are made of poetry, symbolism, surrealism and women reign as timeless, multiple goddesses." ? "From his architect background, Yves Bossut produces paintings of perfect proportions and balance, with spaces ravishingly well arranged." Paris Match,  May 1991

     "The flowers and gardens of YB are inhabited by a feminine imaginary coming straight from "Le Grand Meaulnes" [novel by Alain Fournier].  The sweet, serene, delicate   imagination of this neo-surrealist painter dresses his characters with a quivering grace and femininity. Here the painter become poet to mesmerize us." GAEL June 1992

        "If your vision of paradise is still blurred, run discover the work by YB."? "A romanticism of another age that seduces by the purity and the softness of the stokes and tones, by its topic, by the romantic flow of the colors. A world where everything is beautiful, charming, voluptuous. In front of these canvases, one experiences a sweet sensation of happiness and peace, whilst an esthetic jubilation." "YB poet-painter"  ?.  "YB, painter of the women" N.B. Vlan No 1430, May 1992

        "The artist compiles a world made of poetry and sweetness where diaphanous young women evolve. Between surrealism and symbolism, he has invented a unique, fascinating universe." Flaire No 23 June 1992

        The artist transcribes on canvas his childhood soul, his dreams, his hopes. Hopes of a prettier, brighter  world  cleaned off of all its impurities. His gardens, his flower bunches, his women all transpose us into the universe of "Le Grand Meaulnes" [novel by Alain Fournier] and into such an appeasing romanticism of another age. Nouvelle Gazette 14/5/92

        "It's about a rendezvous with strangeness, and imaginary, with humor too." M. Jean Potty Deputy Mayor, Brussels 1987.

        His canvas reflect grace and femininity in the purest manner." La Province